The Heuberger Motors and OB Prestige Auto Pikes Peak Airstrip Attack hosted by Shift-S3ctor and was the largest half-mile automotive racing event ever held on an airport in North America. We were ecstatic to see over 150 amazing machines each day ranging from Porsche 918’s (three of them to be exact), turbocharged and nitrous motorcycles, 2000+ horsepower Lamborghini’s, and much more. Over 6,000 spectators were in attendance for this momentous occasion and goliath of an event.

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To add to the greatness of the weekend, we wanted to share an amazing story that was forwarded to us by one of our participants. It reminds us that these events are more than just fun activities, but memorable life experiences and so much more:

“The reason for this email is I wanted to share a real street car story of Steve and his twin turbo Camaro “Lucy”.  This 2014 Camaro was Steve’s wife’s car Lucy that unfortunately passed away last year from cancer.  Lucy was a sweetheart of a young lady and is truly missed by many.  Lucy was a gear head and always had a need for speed.  Steve and the two boys didn’t know what to do with Lucy’s favorite car and made a family decision to turbo it as that’s what Lucy would have wanted.  Since then Steve has been having a blast in his first turbo car.  After Steve found out about the airstrip attack he signed up a whooping ten minutes later.  So Steve and his youngest boy Anthony loaded up the car and drove 850 miles one way to Colorado Springs.  This 91 octane pump gas street car went 156.25MPH in a half mile!  After a long and glorious day or racing they loaded the car back up and drove back home with no problems other than worrying about possible hail damage and thankfully there was none.  After driving all around Colorado Springs sightseeing all of the beautiful attractions, Steve and Anthony finished their trip off just shy of 2000 miles.  This trip and event was so much fun it will take a week for their smiles to fade.  I think I speak for their family when I say thank you for putting this outstanding event on as in this case it was more than just fun, it was honoring Lucy.”

We were honored to have Lucy at the event, and here is a shot of her putting the hurt on a Challenger.


Picture credit: Chris Gio Photography


We look forward to being back in Colorado next year, but next up is the Oregon Airstrip Attack!