*NEXT EVENT* Friday, September 10th, 2021

Shift-S3ctor brings back roll racing!

That’s right! We’re bringing roll racing back to Big Willow in an improved, cash purse format.

This event gives you plenty of time to have some fun racing friends, rivals and finishes up with a single-elimination bracket-style shootout.

*Automobiles only, no motorcycles permitted for this event*

When: Friday, September 10th. Gates open at 8 am. Mandatory drivers meeting at 9:30. Racing begins at 10 PM. Competition begins at 3 PM.

Where: Willow Springs Raceway. 3500 75th St W, Rosamond, CA 93560

*Willow Springs charges a mandatory $15 entrance fee*


At registration and after checking in, each driver will receive a vehicle #. These #’s are randomly assigned prior and will be necessary for the elimination bracket. 

Open Runs/Testing From 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM. 

  • Cars will be released from the hot pit area out to the grid area which will take place on the BACK STRAIGHT of Big Willow. Cars can line up in pairs or run solo.
  • Once flagged to race, the cars will roll out, with the outside/left lane vehicle setting the pace.
  • The vehicles will gradually get up to approximately 40-50mph, maintaining speed around turn 9, until they enter a coned section at the beginning of the front straight. The final cones of the cone section will be the GO cone.
  • The vehicles will accelerate. The start/finish line will mark the finish line of the race. This is for participants to get comfortable with the process where a flagger will be added later to mark GO during the bracket. 

Elimination Bracket From 3:00PM until complete.

  • At 3:00PM, we will be releasing cars in HEATS based on car #, those cars will line up in the hot pits to be released out to the grid area. Necessary support vehicles/staff will be permitted on the back straight as well during this time. This will be considered the first “Heat”.
  • Once they reach the back straight, the vehicles will park and pair up.  
  • The bracket will be formatted so your first race will be the vehicle with the # after you. (i.e., #1 will race #2, #3 will race #4, etc.). If your opponent does not make it out to staging before we begin, you will make a solo pass as a “by-run”. 
  • The format will be the same as practice, except there will be a flagger/lights to signal the race. So long as the vehicles are within a car length in the cone zone, the flagger will signal the race. If the race is signaled, a race is a race. If they do signal the race, loop back around and we will reset. However, if someone jumps before the flag drop, slingshots, or otherwise manipulate the race, they are DQ’d. 
  • Whoever crosses the finish line first, wins and advances. They will loop back to the staging area and wait until the next round.
  • Once there is a winner determined in this heat, they will head back into the pits, and the next HEAT of cars will come out to staging to do the same. The process repeats until we have 4 semi-finalists from the 4 heats. 
  • The 4 finalists will battle in the semi-finals which will consist of two races. The losers of those races will race for 3rd. The winners, move on to race for 1st and 2nd in the finals.  

1st place $1500 + sponsored product prize
2nd place $700
3rd place $300

Maximum cars to participate is 128 cars. No passengers allowed due to track requirements. All drivers must wear pants, long sleeve t-shirt and closed-toe shoes, at a as this is required by the track. Fire suits are always recommended when racing with Shift- S3ctor. No exceptions.

Please email jason@shift-s3ctor.com for sponsor opportunities.

Driver Registration Fee: $225 (includes event T-shirt and competition entry)

This is a NO REFUND event. Be sure to confirm your availability before registering.