GSR Autosport has confirmed that they will be hosting the 2 hour Drift Clinic and Exhibition at our next track day! On Saturday January 21st, you will have an opportunity to run your 4 regular road course sessions at the Streets of Willow with a special mid-day Drift Clinic and Exhibition. GSR Autosport is actively involved in the professional Formula Drift Series. They will be bringing their Pro Drift Vehicle, along with Pro Driver Mike Essa to give all of us a little introduction to drift, give ride alongs, and allow you the opportunity to do a few drift laps with an instructor in your car. This is a tremendous opportunity for all registered drivers to learn about the limits of adhesion, drifting and integrate this skill on to the track. We have also opened up a “drift only” session. This run group is limited to those with amateur and professional drifting experience, and along with all our other runs groups, is expected to sell out. Register early and claim your spot in what is working out to be a tremendous day of driving, and drifting.