For the month of October, we are featuring a spooktacular CLS63 that will be participating in our upcoming Airstrip Attack. We say spooktacular because this AMG is no leisure cruiser, but an evil beast of a benz. Jason Sharek, CEO of Teleproviders INC (a sponsor of Airstrip Attack), takes “daily driver” to a new level with this monster.

For motor mods, this twin-turbo based CLS currently has aftermarket downpipes, an aftermarket exhaust, and a Renntech tune. Since this double-duty car also sees road course time, our friends at GSR Autosport installed a separate air to water cooler to keep the temps down on this 4000+ pound heavyweight.

To thwart the pokes and bullying of being the “overweight” one, Sharek has begun an intensive diet on the car to bring the car down to a more competitive weigh-in. This has already begun at GSR Autosport with aftermarket race seats, plans for lighter wheels, and maybe removal of unnecessary fixtures as well. There are also rumors of spy shots in the garages of GSR consisting of jump-rope and P90X workouts… we cannot confirm whether these involve the car or the owner.

To put the power down, this big daddy has slapped on some R888’s on all four corners to keep things grippy and tight. Nobody likes things loosey-goosey.

It would hardly surprise if a big banner stretched across the rear bumper at the event saying “Who’s the fat kid now?!”

All we have to say is: watch out for this puppy at Airstrip Attack. Who knows what will happen when old chubs’ gets trained, lean, and packs on some enhancements. Fortunately for him, there are no rules at Airstrip Attack against aftermarket injections.


Picture credit goes to Brandon Mann of and our friend Alex Murtaza