The R’s Tuning BenSopra GTR!

[media url=”” width=”600″ height=”400″ jwplayer=”autostart=true”] For the month of November, we wanted to introduce The R’s Tuning, Ben Sopra Nissan GTR. Straight off of...

October – Jason’s “Big Daddy” CLS 63

For the month of October, we are featuring a spooktacular CLS63 that will be participating in our upcoming Airstrip Attack. We say spooktacular because this AMG is no leisure cruiser, but an evil beast of a benz. Jason Sharek, CEO of Teleproviders INC (a sponsor of...

August – Ryan Fisher’s Corvette Z06

For the month of August we are featuring our very own Ryan Fisher’s C6 Z06. It started in stock form in 2008 where the chrome wheels were quickly swapped out for some aftermarket black reproductions in stock styling. Ryan lasted about a year before he added...
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