For the month of September, we are featuring a modified Ford GT that will be participating in our upcoming Airstrip Attack.

Armik attended our last airstrip in a Gulf Livery Ford GT with a Whipple and bolt ons, putting down over 700 at the wheels. Now he is back for more in his twin turbo monster, menacingly known as the “Black Mamba”. Essentially a stock internal Ford GT with two turbos in place of the blower, it is impressive how much power a Ford GT can make with a simple setup and the right tuning.

With various boost settings, who knows what the Black Mamba will chew up and spit out. As we learned from our first Airstrip Attack, never underestimate your adversary; sometimes a win is just a boost setting away.

The mod list includes:

  • Twin GTX35R turbos
  • Custom Tuning
  • Exhaust
  • Polished heads
  • Twin valve springs
  • Spec competition clutch
  • Shelby 500 over sized injectors
  • Transaxle cooler
  • Ford Racing short shifter
  • and a 100% stock driver